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Epic Toss: Discus World Record-Setter Adds to Cal’s Olympic Momentum

He’s not the only Cal athlete heading to the Paris Games.
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Berkeley’s Alum of the Year is a Steady Hand in Guiding the Webb Space Telescope

Two months before NASA unveiled the first images from the James Webb Space Telescope to the world last summer, some 50 astronomers and engineers anxiously gathered in the mission’s control room at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore for the moment of truth.

Illustration by Pushart

Dacher Keltner is Awe-Inspired, and You Should Be Too

What Dacher Keltner teaches isn’t likely to land you a job on Wall Street or even make you more hireable, but that’s not really the point.

Courtesy of the Science History Institute

The Man Who Loved DDT

Berkeley biochemist Tom Jukes was an ardent conservationist and life member of the Sierra Club, but he just didn’t get 1960s environmentalism. The thing that bugged him most about the movement was its “emotional binge” against the pesticide DDT.

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